Saturday, April 11, 2009


Dojo Tour and Introduction Video (watch!)

Ninj Catalogue

There are no Catalogue Cheats, but with the mask or ninja costume you turn invisible, and the cloud bracers make you have a puff of smoke!

Card Jitzu Game

Basic Rules for Card-Jitsu
There is a new game at the Dojo called, Card-Jitsu. It plays a lot like the game, Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Remember the following: Fire beats Snow Water beats Fire Snow beats Water

If two cards of the same type are played, the higher number wins unless a special “10″ card was played in the previous round, in which case the lower number will win.

Getting Started with Card-Jitsu
The first thing to do is to go visit the Sensei. He is in the upper right corner of the Dojo. Talk to him and he will explain all the rules and give you a starter deck to play with. Then you can either play on the mats in the Dojo with other players, play on the Sensei’s mat. When playing on the Sensei’s mat, you can either play the Sensei himself (he’s tough to beat) or other players in competition mode.

Getting the Belts
You get a new belt after winning several matches. You will advance faster if you play in competition mode and win. It’s unclear how many matches you need to win to advance to the next belt, but I have listed an approximate number of wins you need for each belt. Note that these numbers are additional wins for each belt in competition mode, so you will need to play and win a lot before you get the black belt.

The belt order is:
White: 5-7 wins needed
Yellow: 7-13 wins needed
Orange: 10-14 wins needed
Green: 10-14 wins needed
Blue: 10-14 wins needed
Red: 12-16 wins needed
Purple: 14-18 wins needed
Brown: 14-18 wins needed
Black: 16-20 wins needed

When you face the Sensei as a black belt and win, you get the ninja suit and ability to enter the secret room!